The Program

"Freeing ourselves from the past leads to our most aligned futures..." 

Healing Program & Retreat

3 month program for Empaths, Senstives & Healers... Program & Retreat

Do you want to work deeply on your healing, past trauma, and your gifts? Move into your most authentic and highest self?? 

Connect with like-minded sensitive and empathic women. To heal, release, recharge & be witnessed.

- Leave with tools and accountability to implement love and care into your personal & professional life.

- Heal from your past traumas, client traumas, in order to be free of any and all energy you’re carrying.

-No need to be anything but yourself here. Be witnessed as you. 

 - Join us to free yourself of that baggage you've been carrying from your past. And change your future! Align with your highest self!

 - Connect with women just like you needing relief, self-care and accountability.

 - Create action steps with the help of the Empath & healers coach to bring balance into your life and work..... Get help implementing these strategies.

Here are the general outline and some of what the program is and comes with:

•    Weekly 50 Minute 1:1 zoom video calls to connect openly about your biggest challenges as a healer/empath, to receive Intuitive Guidance, energy healing and practices from me and see what you want to get out of this program and more! We really delve deep!

•    Weekly 75-90 Minute - Community Group Calls including healings, guided meditations, workshops, connection, community and more.. Beautiful Energy in this community!! Including Workshops every other week with expert guest teachers on abundance, manifestation, Energy, time management, Trauma healing, physical healing, Crystals, yoga, Intuition, Self Care and more! Maximum 5 women to each group. Intimate. 

•    Daily to Weekly accountability & Coaching homework, meditations & checks ins from me through Voxer Voice, Text or email. I will be available to you every day the entire program!! 

- 3-4 hour virtual retreat at week 12 with your group. Including guest speakers, readers and workshops! 

- Here are just a few of the classes, workshops and items included in previous programs.


- Trauma-informed Yoga

- Healing within the body through movement and art

- Weekly personalized guided meditations

- Intuitive readings

- Reiki attunements & energy practices

- Emotion Code Healing

- Learn about your intuition, your blocks, healing arts and more.

Designed for each individual and group.


Early sign up special if paid by April 29th after that the cost will be (1,999.99):

•    Investment Special - $1,599.00 paid in full by April 29th. 

*   Investment after April 29th - $1,999.99 

•    Or Monthly Payments of $666.66 

- 2 Cohorts coming - May 2021 - Limited to 5 women in each

Please contact me to apply!

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