The Program

"Freeing ourselves from the past leads to our most aligned futures..." 

Healing Program & Retreat

3 month program for Empaths, Senstives & Healers... Program & Retreat

Do you want to work deeply on your healing, past trauma, and your gifts? Move into your most authentic and highest self?? 

Connect with like-minded sensitive and empathic women. To heal, release, recharge & be witnessed.

- Leave with tools and accountability to implement love and care into your personal & professional life.

- Heal from your past traumas, client traumas, in order to be free of any and all energy you’re carrying.

-No need to be anything but yourself here. Be witnessed as you. 

 - Join us to free yourself of that baggage you've been carrying from your past. And change your future! Align with your highest self!

 - Connect with women just like you needing relief, self-care and accountability.

 - Create action steps with the help of the Empath & healers coach to bring balance into your life and work..... Get help implementing these strategies.

Here are the general outline and some of what the program is and comes with:

•    Weekly 50 Minute 1:1 zoom video calls to connect openly about your biggest challenges as a healer/empath, to receive Intuitive Guidance, energy healing and practices from me and see what you want to get out of this program and more! We really delve deep!

•    Weekly 75-90 Minute - Community Group Calls including healings, guided meditations, workshops, connection, community and more.. Beautiful Energy in this community!!

---Including Workshops every other week with expert guest teachers on abundance, manifestation, Energy, time management, Trauma healing, physical healing, Crystals, yoga, Intuition, Self Care and more! Maximum 5 women to each group. Intimate. 

•    Daily to Weekly accountability & Coaching homework, meditations & checks ins from me through Voxer Voice, Text or email. I will be available to you every day the entire program!! 

- 4 hour virtual retreat at week 12 with your group.

Past guests teachers have included: 

- Trauma-informed Yoga

- Healing within the body through movement and art

- Weekly personalized guided meditations

- Intuitive readings

- Reiki attunements & energy practices

- Emotion Code Healing

- Learn about your intuition, your blocks, healing arts and more.

- And more..

Designed for each individual and group.


*   Investment - $1,999.99 

•    Or Monthly Payments of $666.66 

- 2 Cohorts coming - May 2021 - Limited to 5 women in each

Price will increase in Fall 2021

Please contact me to apply!

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