Classes, Trainings & Workshops

Groups, One on one - in person & through skype-remote:

-Reiki 1st & 2nd Degree Certifications

-Reiki Master & Master Teacher Certifications

-Reiki All Level Re-Attunements, Refresher Class and/or Coaching 

-Intuitive/Psychic/Mediumship Trainings

-Guided Meditation & Journeys (past life, meet your guides etc


Reiki 1 & 2 Classes (Groups, One on One - In person or Skype - Remote):

It's suggested to take both Reiki 1 & 2 together, but just Reiki 1 is an option (see all details below). If interested in Reiki Master and/or Reiki Master Teacher - please see below. 


Reiki is non-denominational, a part of no religion and does not conflict with anyone's belief systems or values. It is a universal life force energy made up of light. It can be transmitted through the Reiki attuned to help ANYONE with physical, emotional or mental pains or diseases - whether it be for yourself, family members, friends, clients, or any person. It has no boundaries!

Reiki helps to remove blocks from the subtle body to allow for quicker healing in all areas of life.

Reiki gives you tools and options for centering yourself, increasing self-confidence, self-awareness, and assists you in connecting with your higher self, your light and helps improve clarity, creativity and purpose. It also can be miraculous to help heal physical, emotional and mental disorders, pain or diseases. 


The Reiki 1 & 2 training is comprehensive, and filled with multiple options of how to use Reiki and implement Reiki & energy work into your life. This is for anyone that has been drawn to healing themselves or others. 

Everything is made up of energy and Reiki empowers you to take control of your energy, and work with it instead of against it.

Reiki is for everyone! It can be used and implemented in so many ways, I highly recommend ANYONE drawn to Reiki or healing to get attuned. 

Once attuned, Reiki will be with you always and can be used for anything and everything you could imagine.


My courses include various styles of Reiki, including the Usui Ryoho, Tibetan, Holy Fire, Angelic Reiki methods as well as other energy techniques and is very much rooted in intuitive reiki. I am intuitive and work a lot with this combination of intuition and Reiki.


On completion of the Reiki 1 class, you will be well versed in Reiki & Self Healing.

On completion of Reiki 2 you will be able to give Reiki treatments others and distance healing. 


The following topics will be taught /discussed and are within both the Reiki 1 & 2 trainings whether group or private classes (but are not limited to):

  • The history of Reiki

  • What is Reiki energy and why it works

  • Different ways to use Reiki to facilitate healing for others (including pets, plants, passed over loved ones, society, electronics etc)

  • Different ways to use Reiki to heal yourself, helping you feel more balanced within your life, with your work, and with clients

  • Many suggestions on how to use & utilize your Reiki attunements & symbols

  • The Chakra System

  • The hand placement system for self-healing (Reiki 1)

  • The hand placement system for working with others (Reiki 2)

  • Guided Meditations to balance and receive

  • Scanning: Using the sensitivity in the hands to locate areas needing healing, and to treat them.

  • Exercises to practice using your intuition to guide you on how and where to heal

  • Protection & Clearing energy for yourself and others

  • Sending Reiki with the eyes & with your breath

  • Distance Reiki Healing

  • Practice Intuitive Reiki on feeling, seeing or sensing with Reiki

  • Using Reiki to heal your past, present & future                                                                                                  

  • Connect to your Reiki & Other Angelic Guides, as well as suggestions on how to work with them.

  • Reiki symbols: How to draw, activate and use them.

  • Reiki symbol uses are explained as well as their meanings.

  • Practice time is given so students know from experience how the energy of each symbol feels and the results each symbol produces.

  • Intuitive Reiki Practice on seeing, feeling and/or hearing messages based on energy

  • Attunements for Reiki I and II are given -this includes 3 symbols (1 symbol for Reiki 1 & 2 symbols for Reiki 2).

  • Information on how to work with energy and release energy through Reiki & other methods

  • Real life teachings and experience on being a Reiki practitioner

  • Reiki Book (an actual book, not a print out)

  • Healing Stone

  • Reiki Manuals as well as information on other Reiki materials, websites and additional handouts on Reiki symbols, the Chakra system & other energy-related handouts.

  • Practice Homework including Guidance and support after your classes! 

  • Reiki Certificate


 The class is a combination of lecture, discussion, and practice time. The description may vary. Each student experiences giving and receiving using Reiki. If private Reiki class - each class is tailored to your individual needs & energy.



  • Scheduled group training rates are $125.00 each person for Reiki 1 & $150.00 for each person Reiki 2. For Scheduled group classes a $30.00 non-refundable deposit ($30 for Reiki 1 & $30 for Reiki 2) will be required to hold your spot because of supplies purchased and space. book online or contact me. If you need to cancel the deposit can be credited towards another class (only one reschedule allowed). 

  • Semi-Private group rates -  3 people minimum, contact me for pricing

  • Private one on one Reiki classes - $275.00 for Reiki 1 and $325.00 for Reiki 2 (tailored to each individual - between 4 to 5 hours each class or offered as a 1 day intensive 8 hours for $550.00)

  • Distance Reiki Classes (through Skype) contact me for details

  • Please don't let money stop you from this experience. Contact me if you need to discuss/make payment arrangements

  • *** Also offered for a continuation of training, mentoring, individual practice, more guidance etc offered at a discounted price if $150.00 per 2 hours (only if you feel drawn to go deeper)


Dates, Times & Locations for Group Trainings (see above for private trainings, in person or through skype):

  • Upcoming dates: TBD

  • Location: TBD - Burbank & Reseda, CA 

  • Group class times (5-6 hours)


Reiki Master & Reiki Master Teacher Class (Small Groups, One on One - In person or Skype - Remote)

These trainings are always private and one on one - intensive. It is roughly a 6-7 hour day.


Here is a brief overview of what will be included:

  • It includes attunements for up to 4 Reiki symbols - Usui Ryoho & Tibetan (depending on Master, Master Teacher or both).

  • Brief review and teachings of my Reiki 1 & 2 classes 

  • Review chakras

  • Review of any questions you have about self healing, in person healing and distance healing

  • Discussion of beings already worked on (10 suggested) and suggestions on working with others, clients & students

  • Teachings on what attunements are and how they can be transmitted to anyone 

  • Teachings on what each of the Master symbols do, and how it will increase your energy, intuition, psychic abilities and practice.

  • Information on business, promotion, licensing, insurance, charging, practice set up etc.

  • Interactive Meditation to increase your intuition, Reiki abilities & to meet your Reiki guide

  • Discussion on how to guide a meditation for yourself and/or your students

  • Training on how to give attunements to others (this could be family members, friends, students or other beings)

  • Practice time and guidance on how to give attunements to others. 

  • Information on how to conduct a one on one class, group class & Reiki shares

  • May include exchange with teacher including guidance and suggestions (if needed)

  • Intuitive & psychic practice (optional)

  • Medical Intuition Practice (optional)

  • Reiki Master & Master Teacher book

  • Special private access to all of my manuals, guide books, references, printable certificates. Including multiple Reiki 1 & 2, Master & Master teacher manuals from several teachers and research for you and your students (I offer several options, for you to choose from in PDF format)

  • Reiki healing tools & gifts!

  • Master & Master Teacher Certificates

  • Homework with my support and guidance after your class to help with questions, your business, Reiki shares, Reiki classes or any other support needed

  • ONE extra hour of class (for a later date) available to you through skype, if needed once you start teaching Reiki. 

  • After these attunements, you will be more connected to Reiki, your intuitive abilities and able to attune others to Reiki 1st degree, 2nd degree, Master & Master Teacher, as well as hold your own Reiki shares and classes! However, you DO NOT have to want to teach Reiki to others in order to greatly benefit from this class and the attunements. It helps open the channel of connecting to the universe and all beings. 

It's suggested that you be Reiki levels 1 & 2 for at least 6-12 weeks (contact me to approve) & have worked on at least 10 different beings (people or animals) prior to Master training. 



  • Private one on one class: $499.00 for BOTH Reiki Master & Master teacher levels. Re-attunements for Reiki 1 & 2 symbols included! This is a very competitive price compared to other Master & Master Teacher classes. If you are a previous student of mine you get a 10% discount. Please contact me. 

  • Semi-private (small group) - please contact me for discount pricing

  • For continuation of training, mentoring, individual practice etc - discounted price is $150.00 per 2 hours (only if you feel drawn to go deeper)

  • If you are interested in skype/distance classes, those are available - please contact me.


Reiki Re-attunements: If done on a distance or an in-person basis, the cost is $45. If re-attuned in a Reiki class setting - the cost for the class is required (discounted rate if a previous student) Please contact me or more details. There is also a refresher course including a reattunement for previous students. See booking page. 


Intuitive, Psychic & Mediumship Classes (Intro to Master Options. One on one in person and skype):

Patient and loving one on one Intuitive, Psychic and/or Mediumship trainings. This is to help you open up or expand upon your intuitive gifts and "sight". Connecting with your intuitive abilities connects you more to source, your higher self and the heart. It helps to simplify and prioritize your life. Helps to still the thinking mind and allowing yourself to come from a more intuitive place. This helps you to feel more intuitively for yourself and others. Good for beginners of all types! 

Here is a brief overview of what may be included. You can pick various topics listed below and it will also be intuitively outlined for you. 

This is an introductory class for ANY type of beginning level. (can continue training if desired per 2 hour classes),

Each class is designed to each individual's energy, experience and desires. 

  • Patient and kind one on one guided training on opening and using your intuition & intuitive gifts

  • Interactive guided journey meditation or instruction to meet your guides, spirit helpers and/or angels (depending on level of experience)

  • Guidance on how to listen to your intuition

  • Discussion, instruction and practice with various intuitive/psychic tools such as oracle cards, dowsing, psychometry etc

  • Discussion, instruction and practice with your intuitive sight or the "Clars" - Clairvoyant, clairaudience, clairsentience, psychometry and others

  • Discussion, instruction and practice time with the teacher on intuitive/psychic channeling (if desired)

  • Discussion, instruction on channeling with your guides for yourself & others (if desired) 

  • Discussion, instruction and practice time with the teacher on intuitive/psychic communication for others (if desired)

  • Guidance and teachings on clearing energy 

  • Guidance and teachings on the psychic protection

  • Guidance and teachings on connecting to others energy and ways to connect 

  • Introduction to and practice with spirit communication (people that have passed, spirit babies, other types of spirits - if desired)

  • Medical Intuition discussion & practice (if desired)

  • Introduction, Discussion and practice with Automatic writing / channeling through writing (if desired)

  • Instruction Psychic Readings introduction, discussion and various ways to read) (if desired)

  • Guidance and teachings on what it takes to read, channel and be within the intuitive healing & psychic world 

  • Intuitive reading of the teacher & others, With teachers loving guidance and support

  • Teachings on confirmations, and how to verify spirit, angelic guides information 

  • Various other options of intuitive communication and psychic tools (to be planned out with the teacher).

  • Book, Handouts, and/or videos to help continue your practice as well as tools


- INTUITIVE, PSYCHIC & MEDIUMSHIP - FULL Master Program - 14 Hour training (this is an intense but powerful training - you will not be the same afterwards. This is recommended if planning on working really going above and beyond connecting with your abilities and/or planning on working as an Intuitive/Psychic/Medium in their business. Part of what it includes:

  • Deep, hands on training of any and all psychic or mediumship desires or practice

  • Continuation of one on one personal mentoring and follow up

  • Focus on one or more of the above items such as card readings, psychometry, spirit communication, intuitive readings etc

  • Homework and continued study after class 

  • How to get more confirmations and proof from spirit

  • Building your self confidence 

  • Learning and practice on how to quite the ego

  • Teachers one on one practice and training supervision

  • Building on your gifts

  • Gallery readings

  • Building your business

  • Practicing in person and online (with teachers review)

  • Certificate after completion of the Master Program - see below (after at least 12 hours of training/study)

  • Initial Class is 5 to 6 hours long and can be done in person or through Skype. Times can be broken up depending on needs.

  • Each additional class is in 2 hours increments. Tailored to your intuitive desires and the intuition of the teacher. 

Prices & Times for all Intuitive Courses:

  • Initial Intuitive/Mediumship/Psychic Class: $395.00 (for initial 5 1/2 - 6 hour one on one class including one homework and homework review)

  • Mentoring & Continued study: Additional 2 hour Class: $150.00 (discounted price for each additional 2 hour class, practice, mentoring or more specific study - if desired)

  • Master Program: $800.00 (includes discount) total 12 - 14 hour in-person - one on one training - plus weekly homework, daily reviews, check-ins and questions. This Master program is tailored to each individual's level of gifts and scheduling. It generally lasts about 4-8 weeks depending on your schedule. 

  • Please email me prior to booking online - must be approved. 


Guided Meditation Classes:

Want to learn, practice and experience guided meditations to other realms, past lives and communicating with your guides! Want the basics of guiding these sessions intuitively for others. Want to work on your confidence? This is the class for you! Good for teachers, therapists, practitioners, group events and for your own personal use!

  • Journey to meet guides

  • Past life journeys

  • Dimensional Travels

  • Guide meditations for classes, students or groups

  • Intuitively guided meditations

  • Practice with teacher

  • Handouts and/or guide books

  • Price: $299.00 (4-5 hours)


I am a 200 hr Yoga Alliance certified Yoga teacher and offer private sessions on yoga and meditation.

Focusing on alignment, flow, control, chakras and the subtle body, yogic philosophy, mantras, breath and meditation. This is a one on one class for any level - tailored to your specific needs and practice. Ever feel lost in a group Yoga class? One on one classes focus on each individuals specific needs and body type. It also helps the student really know the proper alignments for each pose, specific to them. This will help with confidence, strength & connection to your body & to yoga.

As a part of my class, I give instructions on how to do certain postures, meditations etc on your own!

The philosophy of Yoga postures or "Asanas" are to release the physical/energetic body to allow the mind to go to its natural - meditative state of calmness, in order to connect to your inner essence and connection to the universe.

Most people feel relaxed, rejuvenated and free. 

If you decide to come to book my privates classes consistently, we will work with new poses, mantras and inversions every class and I guarantee you will build strength and control - while cultivating balance. Mini Reiki session can be included. Tailored to your individual needs and wants. Please contact me directly for more information on my private classes.


I'm available for workshops, and travel. Please contact me.

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In love.. and gratitude.. :)


***Current or Past Students ONLY - CLICK here  for manuals, guide books, other class documents & business websites etc.*** 


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